How Can You Tax Lien and Tax Deed Invest if You Don’t Live In america

I actually have obtained this question plenty from my pals in out of doors the USA who pay attention about the idea of Tax Lien investing.

“Can I invest in Tax liens and Tax deeds even though I am a overseas citizen and do not live in the US.”

The solution is yes. As long as an investor can get a US TAX Identification number, which may be received from the IRS pretty easy, even a overseas citizen not dwelling in the US, can invest in Tax Liens and Tax Deeds.

But just as any other Tax Delinquent Property investor, an International investor desires to make sure he do all the vital due diligence earlier than bidding;

In my revel in the most important regions to do Due diligence on are:
– CONDITION of the property

These must be checked prior to making an investment any money.

Since the worldwide investor lives masses if now not Tax software partnerships  thousands of miles from the situation houses, manifestly the due diligence can not show up on website and in individual.

Therefore there are alternatives:
1. Do the due diligence through phone, and software program tools like Google earth, county supplied aerial images databases, and mapquest/maps.Google.Com/msn live search..
2. The second less arms on choice is to rent the offerings of a Real Estate professional who for a rate is generally more than inclined to go to the belongings for you, take some pictures and do all of the vital studies for the investor..

If the public sale is on line, then the investor can attend it virtually. If it’s far live, the subsequent two alternatives exist;
– Travel to the auction region, although the travel charges cuts into the Investment Profits.
– Again rent someone to go to the auction in area of the investor armed with certain guidelines on what they should bid on and how low or high they may be allowed to move..

A 1/3 much less recognised choice is for the investor to wait until the actual auction is over, then request a list of all “left-over” properties, which might be additionally known as “over-the-counter tax liens.”
These are normally to be had without any bidding, but just sending a cashier’s check to the county along side the details on the preferred Tax Lien ID, the Property ID, the investor’s Tax ID and Bidder ID and the county in flip will then mail the investor the desired Tax Lien Certificates (if nonetheless available on the time the mail gets to the county).

The gain right here is that the investor can do all the paintings without unique time stress from domestic at the smartphone and pc.

Jack Bosch commenced investing in real property in 1999. Along the manner he located a secret system of purchasing land for actually pennies on the dollar and reselling the assets for hundreds greater. Since his first transaction he has individually bought and bought over 5000 homes the use of his high-quality tuned machine.

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