How Often to Give Puppy Bully Sticks: A Vet’s Advice

There are so many different styles for light, medium, hard, and even power chewers ranging from standard, braided, and curly sticks to jumbo, double cut, and monster sticks. For light and medium chewers, there are also long and skinny cane sticks, which can be cut into smaller pieces. Our favorite for most dogs are Natural Farm’s 6-Inch Bully Sticks, which are odor-free, not too tough, and made from free-range, grass-fed cattle.

How to Soften a Bully Stick?

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While veterinarians and dog experts say every few days is better, they agree that one per day should not be a problem for most dogs. While bully sticks should not replace normal meals, they can be used to keep your dog from eating so much, which can help if the dog is overweight. That said, please monitor your dog while they chew their bully stick, even if it’s an extra big, braided one. However, the proprietors may not be comfortable getting bull pizzles in their residence for their canines. As bully sticks are made of bull meat, it is all protein. There is an extended list of advantages of Bully sticks as they’re 100% natural treats for the canine, and far better than rawhide. Lastly, if bully sticks aren’t your dog’s cup of tea, you can view our recommendations for the best bully stick alternatives by clicking here.

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The thicker, the more challenging and long-lasting it will be. So if you need to keep your pup occupied, it’s best to size up. However, some dogs can get intimidated by the size of their treat, so choose wisely otherwise they may not touch it. Bully stick sizes can come in junior, regular, jumbo, and monster sizes.

This is because the final element any proprietor of a four-legged buddy desires to do is feed them something that is healthy. Pork hide – Another delicious beef alternative, pork hide is a form of rawhide that offers the same long-lasting satisfaction. Preventive Vet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should be able to put it in the dishwasher or washing machine/clothes dryer to be periodically cleaned and disinfected.

Some dog chew toys can also be filled with food and frozen to make them last longer. My first piece of advice is to choose bully sticks that are thick and long. Although bully sticks come from bulls, people do not kill them. Hence, instead of throwing it, the part is used to make bully sticks.

Although you will make the bully sticks with love for your dog or puppy, you have to keep a check on the diet as well. Despite the fact that bully sticks are quite nutritious, consuming a high-calorie food for the dog is not good. A single treat usually consists of around 88 calories, which is one-third of the dog’s daily nutrition requirement. Hence, it is good to save your dog’s favourite treat for special occasions.

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