How to arrange the doghouse?

Choosing the right wooden dog house and installing it in the right location is essential, but it is possible to go further to make it even more pleasant for its occupant.

For example, it is recommended to add a mattress, a blanket, a cushion or quite simply straw to the floor: it is much more pleasant for him when he lies down on it than lying on the floor, especially when it’s cold. It also helps protect your joints, as regularly lying down on a hard surface can lead to inflammations such as elbow bursitis.

It is also a good idea to get into the habit of placing his water bowl (or possibly also that of food) near the dog house so that he can easily quench his thirst if he is thirsty. Be careful, however: wherever this accessory is installed, the water it contains must always be fresh, clean, and clean, which means changing it regularly.

Finally, for those wishing to create a secure space for their dog in the garden, it is possible to install a kennel all around the doghouse. In this way, we have a closed and safe area in which we can for example install the animal when we are absent.

Getting a dog used to its kennel

Once the kennel has been purchased or made, installed in the right place, equipped, and ready to use, all that remains is to get the dog used to using it. As often, learning is all the easier when it is started at an early age.

To increase te chances of success, it is recommended to introduce him to the doghouse during a game session, for example, then to play with him in the area around it, so that he trivializes it or even destroys it. associated with a pleasant moment. It is also possible, for example, to place his favorite toys nearby or to make him look for treats all around: this is a good way to familiarize him with this strange object.

Once he is fully accustomed to its presence (which normally takes no more than a few days), you can begin to introduce him either by guiding him inside or by placing his toys or croquettes. Little by little, he ends up liking the place, especially if it is cozy.

However, you should know that some dogs use their kennel very little, despite all the efforts made by their master. The reasons for this disinterest can be various: she is not very comfortable, she is badly positioned, he does not like to stay alone in a shelter, he does not see the benefit of it, etc. If trying to place it somewhere else or make it more attractive still doesn’t work, then there’s not much you can do…

Maintaning your dog’s kennel

A dog crate furniture must necessarily be cared for, especially when placed in the garden. Indeed, it gets dirty over the months: it is, therefore, necessary to plan time at regular intervals to clean it, otherwise, it will smell bad or even become a veritable nest of germs.

The ideal is to do a complete cleaning every 2 months or more if necessary. This involves dusting and disinfecting it, but also cleaning the objects that are there.

Dust off the wooden dog house

The first thing to do to clean your dog’s kennel is to dust it thoroughly, in order to get rid of all the dirt. If droppings are present, they must of course be removed and thrown away beforehand, as they are real reservoirs of germs.

For wooden dog houses with a removable roof, the work is made easier, since it is then possible to simply use a broom or a vacuum cleaner. For others, the most practical option is generally to equip yourself with a small shovel and a brush (or even a portable vacuum cleaner). In any case, be sure to clean the corners as well.

Disinfect the wooden dog house

Once the dusting has been completed, it is necessary to disinfect the interior of the wooden dog house in order to eliminate all kinds of microbes (bacteria, fungi, etc.) that would otherwise risk multiplying there.

Obviously, it is important to use a non-toxic disinfectant for dogs, so that the animal does not poison itself by licking the walls or breathing inside its shelter. There are various natural products on the market, which generally present less risk at this level. However, it is better to avoid those with a strong smell, as this could bother the animal: for example, vinegar and citrus fruits are among the smells that dogs hate. If possible, prefer light fragrances like lavender, or even no fragrance at all.

Finally, in the case where the animal is a carrier of fleas or other parasites, it is preferable to treat its wooden dog house with a pest control, because there is a chance that small animals are also hiding there.

Clean the accessories

A Golden Retriever puts laundry in the washing machine

The complete cleaning of the wooden dog house must go hand in hand with that of the accessories which are there.

In particular, if blankets or a cushion are placed on the floor, remember to wash them in hot water and replace them with clean ones. If it is straw that acts as a mattress, it is better to change it completely to prevent it from attracting insects, microbes, and parasites – especially if the dog sometimes defecates in it.

Finally, you can take the opportunity to also clean the nearby bowls or even the toys that he would have brought back to his mark.

Precautions with a wooden dog house

Even if the kennel is comfortable and well appointed and the dog likes it a lot, he does not necessarily have the vocation to spend most of his days there.

Inded, man’s best friend is above all a social being, who needs company, interactions, and activities of all kinds to be fulfilled and well in his head. Representatives of most races, therefore, have a real need to feel that they are part of the family and to be integrated into the life of the latter.

In fact, offering your animal a quality doghouse cannot mean leaving it there alone for hours, away from its family, or sending it there at the slightest opportunity. With or without a kennel, it needs time and attention every day.

In addition, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that it is not a question of a perfect refuge, capable of protecting it ideally even in the event of a heat wave, freezing temperatures or severe weather. Therefore, if the outside conditions are really bad or if he is sick, fragile or sensitive to extreme temperatures, it is better to keep him in a safer place, for example inside the house.

The final word

The wooden dog house is intended to be an important place for the dog. Therefore, both his choice and installation should not be random, because it is important that he is comfortable in it. That said, how it’s introduced to him at first clearly plays a part in whether he embraces it and settles into it more or less enthusiastically. It is the same thereafter with the care that one grants to its maintenance.