The Celtic Tree of Life

The tree of Life was a central part of Celtic spirituality. Trees are a source of food, oxygen, and shelter and can be used for warmth. Trees are an essential part of life.

Trees were not just inanimate objects, Tree of Life but living beings connected to us and believed to be ancestors of mankind. Sacred Trees had magical healing properties. Some acted as gateways to the Realm of the Fairies and to the Gods. Each letter in the Celtic Ogham alphabet represented a sacred tree.

The most sacred tree was the Oak, which represented the center of the world. The Druids held their rituals surrounded by Oaks which brought them power and provided them with entry to the Otherworld. The Sacred Trees could reveal messages from the Gods.

There are several legends involving Sacred Trees. In some instances, one would fall asleep next to a tree and awaken in the fairy world. Trees carried messages to the Otherworld, and could return blessings. Ribbons are often tied to trees in hope of being blessed with love, healing, and prosperity.

During settlement clearings, a large tree was always left in the middle to embody the security and integrity of the people. Chieftan ceremonies were performed at the Sacred Tree to connect him to the heavens and the world below. Tribes gained power over their enemies by cutting down their Sacred Tree.

Branches reach up to the Heavens and the roots dig deep into the earth connecting the world above and the world below. The trunks remain in our world, keeping us connected to the other worlds. The Tree of Life idea exists in many cultures and religions, as trees are necessary to sustain our lives.

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